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Training Program

SU Build:

Between February-March entrepreneurs learn how to build true product with true team and true business model to the true market

Idea – Market - Business Model

  • Who are the customer? How is the existing ecosystem going? Explore a harmony between the product and the customer that is sustainable and creating a difference and benefit (unit economy, customer costs, customer value, starting to spin its wheels, breakeven point, final point.

Build the Product & Roadmap

  • Develop true metrics that test and improve built product and business model and develop a minimum viable product (MVP) prototype

Find & Manage Resources

  • How to find partner, put together a team, establish a firm and manage it? How to finance it? (family, friends, fools, government grants, angel investment) How to form 3-6-9 month roadmaps?.


Session Title

Session Topics

Entrepreneurial Mindset &

Entrepreneurial Journey

Opportunity vs ideas, qualities of entrepreneur and team to nurture, risk profile, unique value proposition of the entrepreneur, entrepreneur's assets

The Market &
The Customers

Business Model Canvas (Market Size, Need & Problems, Channels, Customer Development, Segmentation)

Value Proposition,
Solution & Product

Solution Validation, Product Validation, Competitive Positioning, Blue & Red Ocean

Solution & Product, Pricing,
Revenue & Revenue Model

Unit economics, life time value, cost of customer acquisition, minimum efficient scale, break even point

Product & User Experience
Design & Development

How to develop MVPs & Prototypes for Validation, Lean Product Development, User Experience Design

Sales & Marketing

B2C B2B Marketing, Content Marketing, Building a Funnel (Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention)

Legal Issues
for Startups

Company formation, legal issues and documents around intellectual property, confidentiality, copyrights, trademarks, patents, employees, customers, investors

Negotiating &
Winning with Investors

How much to fundraise, when to fundraise, how to fundraise, investor pitch preperation

Building &
Managing a Team

Cofounders, first employees, employees, freelancers, contractors, advisors, investors, fans & how to manage them

Execution: Creating &
Running A Roadmap

9-18 month business & technical roadmap. Vanity metrics versus value-driver-metrics

Investor Pitchdeck &

Is it feasible / possible? Can this team do it? Is it well presented & attractive?

Special Session for
Energy Startups

Extra regulatory, legal, value chain challenges; development cycles; how to navigate them in energy

Special Session for
Biotech & Lifesciences

Extra regulatory, legal, value chain challenges; development cycles; how to navigate them in biotech & lifesciences