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2018 Applications for Energy and CleanTech Startups are Opened!

Since 2013, Sabanci University SUCOOL has supported early stage startups. Now, with the InnoEnergy, a European Union supported company, ¨ Primer ¨ support program is specially prepared for Energy and Clean Technology startups.

Apply now to SUCOOL 2018 - Primer to get our business and customer development, city center and Sabanci University Tuzla Campus office spaces, international startup acceleration camp, broad mentor and investor network supports.

What we do

SUCool is a pre-incubation center which supports entrepreneurs who have technology-R&D-innovation based value-added projects that provide real solutions to real problems.

"Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things." - Peter Drucker

Building the product, business model, the team and managing the resources are the most important factors while creating a new startup. SUBuild period is about the creating this construct, then in SUDo period entrepreneurs start to move forward on their road map to confirm their business model and creating their prototype and finally SUSell period is the time that entrepreneurs present their projects to the ecosystem.

SU Build

Entrepreneurs learn how to build true product with true team and true business model to the true market.

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In SUDo period, entrepreneurs apply the plan that was created in SUBuild with supports of the mentors, and improves the plan with their learnings.


SU Sell

In SUSell period, entrepreneurs give presentations to investors and ecosystem about their situation. They get the opportunity of presenting their startups in MIT, National University of Singapore's Entrepreneurship Camp, London and Silicon Valley.



Our Mission
SUCool aims to support ideas at the early stage and make entrepreneurs readier and act quicker for their entrepreneurship journeys.

SUCool supports high value added technology and information economy, helps to find real solutions to real problems.
What SUCOOL brings you?
  •   Join Sabanci Uni. Entrepreneurship Network
  •   Trainings and Mentorship
  •   7/24 working space in city center
  •   Global business and customer development
  •   Reach investors and get legal support
  •   Reach local and international grants
  •   International acceleration camps
  •   Sabanci University PR support