Everything You Need to Know About Starting a Startup in Berlin

This document has created by Başar KAYA and Naci KAHRAMAN (the co-directors of Sabanci University SUCool) from their Berlin trip on February 2017 and it consists on their impressions and notes from meetings in Berlin. If you think there are some mistakes or absences, please send an e-mail to to modify and develop this document.

Must visit organization for the first step:
Consultancy support for visa/work permits:
An introduction to Berlin’s VCs, incubators and accelerators:
Startup alliance outbound program:
Investment Guide for Start-ups in Berlin:
Organizations which are helpful for networking.

A shortlist of local lawyers/tax consultants with Turkish or English language skills:
Introduction to the most common public funding programs:

Heureka Start-up Grant Program
1- Pro FIT – Project Financing 
The Pro FIT-Project Financing program is a flagship program of the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB). The IBB supports innovative startups with up to 1.4 million € – including a maximum of 400,000 € for a non-repayable grant and a maximum of 1.0 million € for a low-interest loan.
Consequently, it is an excellent program for leveraging existing seed funding, e.g. by Business Angels.
More Details: 
2- Pro FIT- Early-stage Financing 
The Pro-FIT Early-stage Financing program is a rather new program by the IBB and complements the above described Project Financing program. Startups can apply for both subsequently, but also either one stand-alone. With this program, startups can fund the infrastructure and overhead costs of a company that will facilitate a future or parallel R&D innovation project. Funding is available for personnel, asset investments and ongoing operating expenditures, which are not directly linked to the R&D innovation project (see graphic). With the combination of non-repayable grants and interest-free loans (total: maximum 200,000 €) during phase ONE and low-interest loans in phase TWO (total: maximum 300,000 €), total financing for both phases can amount up to a maximum of 500,000 €.
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