20+ Ways to Increase Your Social Proof to Increase Your Conversions


Your product and pricing are great, there is a product/market fit...

But still your conversions are low. WHY?

It might be because people don't trust you.

If this is the case, you need to add social proof to your brand.


Here are the ways:

1. Customer testimonials

2. Celebrity endorsements

3. Case studies

4. Media mentions

5. Who are your customers

6. Trust seals

7. Certifications and badges

8. Platform integrations

9. Social share count

10. Subscriber/user/customer count

11. Social Media Proof

12. Public ratings and reviews

13. Test scores

14. Show your “Best seller” products

15. ¨Customers Also Bought¨

16. Customer Recommendations

17. Number of Orders

18. Real time stats

19. Ambassadors

20. Popular Posts/Products

Note: Don’t Use Negative Social Proof

Note2: No Proof is Better than Low Proof


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