For all pre-revenue, idea stage startups pre-SUCOOL digital incubation program is ready! It is open to everyone and free. It has 8 training modules and sections to work on. You can follow the training without any time/location restrictions. SUCOOL will organize some meetings & workshops to answer questions in Istanbul-Turkey offices. When you start pre-SUCOOL, you join the SUCOOL network, know SUCOOL startup support programs first and you can get an advantageous reference to these support programs.

Start pre-SUCOOL now from: and join 'pre-SUCOOL 2018' challenge.

Terms and Registration:

The pre-SUCOOL digital incubation program is free and anyone who wants can register at and join pre-SUCOOL at any time. To get training, you need to start your project on the Workinlot platform, depending on the pre-SUCOOL challenge.

Advantages of joining pre-SUCOOL:

- A written and visual digital training content for you to find answers to questions when you start a startup,

- Private meetings, question-answer sessions and workshops to be held in SUCOOL offices,

- Join the SUCOOL network, know SUCOOL startup support programs first and get an advantageous reference to these support programs. 




We share the notes you should know while using Pre-SUCOOL:


What is pre-SUCOOL?

This program is a FREE pre-incubation program consisting of a digital content and a curriculum prepared by SUCOOL & Workinlot collaboration for the founders of idea-stage and pre-revenue startups. Briefly, it is called pre-SUCOOL.


Can I Apply Without an Idea or a Team?

The Workinlot platform, pre-SUCOOL, is full of creative people who are developing solutions to problems and generating ideas. On the platform, you can find the idea you want to work on, as well as a team to join and find a teammate.


To start the incubation program (Go-to-Incubation), you will need as many teammates as you filled at project description phase. 2 or 3 member teams are recommended. But you can start the program as a single member.


How Much Training Is Running?

Training consists of 8 modules. The recommended completion time is 2 months, but there is no time limit to complete.


What is the Goal of the Program?

The goal is to get 6 deliverables at the end of the program, which are:

- Letter of Intent (or first customer)

- Business Model Canvas 

- Competitive Landscape

- Go-to-market Strategy

- Roadmap

- Pitch deck


For documents related to these outputs, you can submit a request to by specifying the project name and project ID in the Workinlot platform.

When preparing these documents, you will take your venture to the next level. You will also get priority when you want to apply for the SUCOOL programs.


Is Everything Digital?

Workshops and Q&A sessions will be held face-to-face in Istanbul during the program. In these sessions, you will be able to ask questions specific to your startup and you will be able to talk to experts about topics outside of the training. Participation in these activities is not compulsory. You can also send your work topic suggestion to




The SUCOOL team can always communicate with you via the Workinlot platform regarding your projects. Regularly follow the pre-SUCOOL challenge on the platform.

pre-SUCOOL facebook group is waiting for your questions and needs: JOIN!



Having technical problems? 
If you experience a technical problem in the Workinlot system, you can email it to