What They Said About SUCOOL?


SUCOOL London Tour, July 2016 – Testimonials    


Yalçın Yamaner / Scholife

"As two members of the academic world, SuCool London trip was an eyeopener. We visited  accelerators such as Techstars and Masschallenge. We presented our ideas to the best in the business and their feedback was invaluable. After the trip we were much more determined in our endeavor."


Doğancan Uluğ / ChefTeam

"London tour was beneficial for our team because we recognize dynamics and trends for start-up ecosystem. Our team got feedbacks and taught from accelerators and VC's which are going to be key role for developing our business model. On the other hand, we got feedbacks and taught from other start-ups on tour, which was really significant for us. Also we share ideas according to business development, modelling and fast growing with team in London Tour. We got information about business regulations in the UK from Osborne Clark and Turkish Consulate meetings. Level39, Mass Challenge and Techstars are global accelerators in global start-up ecosystem and they changed our vision on VC’s expectations, investment circumstances, and how to scale globally."


Erkan Karakuş / Birlikte.Al

"Being in London start-up ecosystem and visiting world biggest accelerators such as Techstars and Masschallenge and getting feedback from them; talking to key players like Level39, Athene Capital and Capital Enterprise changed our vision on our positioning and product development, and how to scale internationally."




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